GPA = ( ∑(Credit Hour ×Grade Value)) divided by ∑Credit Hour

CGPA=(∑(No.of Credits ×Grade Value) ) divided by (∑No.of Credits)


The Academic Council of the University administers the Grading Regulations and Reviews of Course Grades submitted by the Departments.


Students should take the requisite number of courses and maintain satisfactory grades in the courses. They are expected to maintain a minimum GPA of 2.00/ 4.00 (both semester and cumulative); otherwise the student will be put on probation during the following semester. Course grades B- and below can be improved in the next two consecutive semesters by paying the applicable exam fees. In case of ‘F’ grade, the student has to take the class in full with all requirements and exams. Students with a maximum of two F grades and with a minimum CGPA of 1.80 will be entitled to take this advantage.


Withdrawal ‘W’ is assigned to a student who withdraws from the course within the deadline for withdrawal. A student who withdraws after this deadline will earn the grade based on his performance before his withdrawal. Exception to this rule may be made on medical grounds and on other terms and conditions of the University.