Department of English
Faculty of Arts and Social Science
Program BA (Honors)
Duration 4 Years
Semester 8
Total Credit 127

The 4-year BA (Honors) program in English offers high quality education and elevates the knowledge of English language and literature. In order to obtain the BA (Honors) Degree in English, a student needs to study for four years over 8 semesters—each year consisting of two semesters. The student needs to complete at least 126 credit hours to earn the degree.

English is no doubt the most widely spoken language in the world and there is a great emphasis given on the teaching-learning of English in most countries including Bangladesh. The Department of English has concentrated on a course of studies that integrates literature with language in its graduating programs. The Department prepares the students to meet the challenges of the 21st Century. The objectives of the Department are to:

  • Provide an opportunity for the students to develop their literary and linguistic aptitudes;
  • Engage them in the process of critical thinking;
  • Familiarize them with terms, practices and theoretical foundation of the disciplines; and
  • Help them carry out research and inquiry into their chosen area of interest.

English is one of the most dynamic departments playing a multidisciplinary role with the help of the HUB Language Laboratory. The Head of the Department of English Mohammad Shawkat Ali is an Assistant Professor. He has earned an MA in ELT from London Metropolitan University and an MA in English Literature from the University of Dhaka. The Department includes faculty members who have a broad range of professional competence in literature and language, and who are trained to teach courses in language study, linguistics, translation, world cultures, world literature and Teaching English as a Foreign/ Second Language (TEFL/ TESL). The Department has a Fulbright scholar Prof Dr Mohammad Sadirul Islam who leads the team with his experience and pedagogical expertise. He has three Masters (MA in English, MA in Education & MA in TESL) and a Doctor of Education in Curriculum and Instruction. Recently, a young faculty member, Mr. Shahin Hossain, has been selected for Fulbright Scholarship (Teaching Assistant Program). He is currently teaching Bangladesh culture and heritage along with Bangla language to students at Fayetteville State University (FSU) in North Carolina. He will be back in 2018 and resume his duties in the Department. The Department is currently housing seven teachers (from the rank of professor to lecturer) and about 130 students who have come from various parts of the country to study and merge into the mainstream culture of the University.

The Department is providing education with saleable BA (Honors) Degree which is likely to widen the opportunity for the students to be employed in assorted jobs in the country such as cadre services, and jobs in banking sectors and multinational companies. More particularly, the peripheral students graduating from this Department are likely to find suitable teaching jobs in the local primary, secondary and higher secondary institutions/ colleges.

Semester-Wise Course Distribution with Credits

1st Semester

Course Code Course Title Credit
ENG 111 Basic Bangla Language Skills 3
ENG 112 Basic Computer Skills 3
ENG 113 Remedial Grammar 3
ENG 114 Four Basic Language Skills (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing) 3
ENG 115 History of English Literature 3
Total: 15

2nd Semester

Course Code Course Title Credit
ENG 121 History of Bangladesh 3
ENG 122 History of England 3
ENG 123 Composition Writing (From Paragraph to Essay) 3
ENG 124 Introduction to Poetry 3
ENG 125 Introduction to Prose and Drama 3
Viva 121 Viva Voce I 1
Total: 16

3rd Semester

Course Code Course Title Credit
ENG 211 Bangladeshi Art and Culture 3
ENG 212 Introduction to Bangla Literature 3
ENG 213 Academic Writing 3
ENG 214 Introduction to Linguistics 3
ENG 215 Romantic Poetry 3
Total: 15

4th Semester

Course Code Course Title Credit
ENG 221 Introduction to Sociology and Anthropology 3
ENG 222 Spoken English and Phonetics 3
ENG 223 Old English Literature 3
ENG 224 The English Novel from Austen to Hardy 3
ENG 225 Victorian Prose and Poetry 3
Viva 221 Viva Voce II 1
Total: 16

5th Semester

Course Code Course Title Credit
ENG 311 English for Professional Purposes 3
ENG 312 Introduction to English Language Teaching (ELT) 3
ENG 313 Medieval English Literature 3
ENG 314 Renaissance Poetry and Prose 3
ENG 315 Elizabethan and Jacobean Drama 3
Total: 15

6th Semester

Course Code Course Title Credit
ENG 321 Basic Philosophical Concepts 3
ENG 322 Teaching Second Language Skills 3
ENG 323 17th Century Literature 3
ENG 324 Restoration and 18th Century Literature 3
ENG 325 American Literature I 3
Viva 321 Viva Voce III 1
Total: 16

 7th Semester

Course Code Course Title Credit
ENG 411 Language and Media 3
ENG 412 Literary Criticism and Theory 3
ENG 413 South Asian Literature in English 3
ENG 414 Western Classics in Translation 3
ENG 415 American Literature II 3
Total: 15

 8th Semester

Course Code Course Title Credit
ENG 421 Teaching Language through Literature 3
ENG 422 Discourse Analysis 3
ENG 423 Asian Classics in Translation 3
ENG 424 Modern English Literature 3
ENG 425 African and Caribbean Literature in English 3
ENG 426 Latin American Classics in Translation 3
Viva 421 Viva Voce IV 1
Total: 19