BSc (Hons) in Mathematics


Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology

Mathematics is a language of science. It is applied in all branches of science and Engineering. Mathematics was one of the three Departments in the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology with which the University opened its door to the students on March 14, 2012. It started functioning by offering B. Sc. (Honours) in Mathematics.

At present the Department offers an integrated B. Sc. (Honours) Program of Four-year duration, followed by a M. Sc. Program of one or two-year duration. In addition the Department of Mathematics provides technology oriented courses in both undergraduate and Post-graduate level. In future the degree which is based on research such as M. Phil. and Ph. D. will be offered by the Department.

Presently, the Mathematics Department is one of the richest departments of Hamdard University Bangladesh. All teachers are actively engaged in research works.
Research Activities:
  • Fluid Dynamics and Boundary Layer Theory
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
  • Numerical Heat Transfer
  • Ring and Modules
  • Differential Equations
  • Numerical Linear Algebra
  • Operations Research
  • Numerical Analysis and
  • Numerical Methods Including FDM, FEM and FVM.

The Department has a plan to establish a centre of Excellence for education of Mathematics at Hamdard University Bangladesh. To establish a high performance computational lab and research cell for improving quality of education in Mathematics is also a vision of the Department.

 Degree Requirements: Successful completion of 141 credits
Program B. Sc. (Honours) in Mathematics
Duration 4 Years
Semester 8
Major Courses 115.5
Minor Courses 25.5
Total Credits 141
First Semester
Course Code Course Name Credit
MAT 111 Fundamentals of Mathematics 3
MAT 112 Calculus I 3
MAT 113 Math- Lab I 1.5
PHY  111 Physics-I 3
CSE  111 Computer Fundamentals 3
ENG 111 English Basics 3
Total: 16.5
Second Semester
Course Code Course Name Credit
MAT 121 Calculus II 3
MAT 122 Higher Algebra and Trigonometry 3
MAT 123 Geometry in  Two Dimensions 3
MAT 124 FORTRAN Programming 3
MAT 125 Math- Lab II 1.5
PHY 121 Physics –II 3
PHY 122 Physics Lab 1.5
Total: 18
Third Semester
Course Code Course Name Credit
MAT 211 Geometry in Three Dimensions 3
MAT 212 Calculus III 3
MAT 213 Statistics and Probability 3
MAT 214 Ordinary Differential Equations with Modeling 3
MAT 215 Linear Algebra 3
MAT 216 Math- Lab III 1.5
BAN 211 Bangladesh Studies 3
Total: 19.5
Fourth Semester
Course Code Course Name Credit
MAT 221 Real Analysis I 3
MAT 222 Discrete Mathematics 3
MAT 223 Partial Differential and Integral Equations 3
MAT 224 Vector & Tensor Analysis 1.5
MAT 225 Math- Lab IV 3
CSE 121 Structured Programming Language 3
CSE 122 Structured Programming Language Lab 1.5
Total: 18
Fifth Semester
Course Code Course Name Credit
MAT 311 Mechanics 3
MAT 312 Mathematical Methods 3
MAT 313 Abstract Algebra 3
MAT  314 Theory of Numbers 3
MAT  315 Math- Lab V 1.5
CSE 211 Data Structure 3
CSE 212 Data Structure Lab 1.5
 Total: 18
Sixth Semester
Course Code Course Name Credit
MAT 321 Real Analysis II 3
MAT322 Special Functions 3
MAT 323 Numerical Analysis 3
MAT 324 Complex Analysis 3
MAT 325 Linear Programming 3
MAT 326 Math- Lab VI 1.5
 Total: 16.5
Seventh Semester
Course Code Course Name Credit
MAT 411 Topology and Functional Analysis 3
MAT 412 Fuzzy Mathematics 3
MAT 413 Differential Geometry 3
MAT 414 Mathematical Modeling in Biology and Physiology 3
MAT 415 Hydrodynamics 3
MAT 416 Math- Lab VII 1.5
 Total: 16.5
Eight Semesters
Course Code Course Name Credit
 MAT 421 Astronomy 3
 MAT-* Optional Course- I 3
 MAT-* Optional Course –II 3
 MAT 499 Viva Voce 3
 MAT 500 Project/Thesis 6
 Total: 18
Optional Subjects:
Two of the following courses are to be offered by the department.
Course Code Course Name Credit
MAT 422 Mathematical Statistics 3
MAT423 Graph Theory 3
MAT424 Asymptotic Analysis and Perturbation Methods 3
MAT 425 Methods of Scientific Computing 3
MAT 426 Introduction to Financial Mathematics 3
MAT 427 Industrial Mathematics 3
MAT 428 Axiomatic Geometry 3
MAT429 Electromagnetic Theory 3
MAT430 Meteorology 3
MAT 431 History of Mathematics 3
MAT432 Computational Geometry 3
MAT433 Wavelet Analysis and its Applications 3
MAT434 Field Extension & Galois Theory 3
MAT435 Electromagnetic Theory 3
MAT436 Numerical Methods for Boundary Value Problems 3
MAT437 Computational Hydrodynamics 3
Year Semester Credits
First First Semester 16.5 34.5
Second Semester 18
Second Third Semester 19.5 37.5
Fourth Semester 18
Third Fifth Semester 18 34.5
Sixth Semester 16.5
Fourth Seventh Semester 16.5 34.5
Eight Semester 18
Total 141
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