Department of Economics
Faculty of Arts of Social Scienc
Program BSS (Honors)
Duration 4 Years
Semester 8
Total Credit 124


Hamdard University Bangladesh offers BSS (Honors) Economics program consisting of 123 credit hours covering 8 (eight) semesters. This program is well designed that covers economic thoughts, theories and models of past and present. The main objective of the program is to empower students to identify the economic problems of the real world (national and international) and to prepare policy-guideline to address them in a benefitting manner. After completing the program successfully, the students are expected to build up their career in BCS Cadre Services such as Education, Administration, Taxation, Foreign Affairs and so on. In addition, the students of Economics will also be capable to compete in the field of Business and Banking Sectors, Development Agencies as well as UN agencies like World Bank, UNDP, WTO, FAO, UNICEF, UNESCO, etc.

HUB Campus

  • Permanent campus on 160 bigha on the bank of River Fuldi & Meghna
  • Magnificent learning environment away from crowed of Dhaka city
  • 8 well-equipped departmental laboratories
  • Computer, Physics, Chemistry and Language Laboratories
  • Cultural Center and Debating Society
  • University’s own cafeteria
  • Auditorium, play ground and adequate sport facilities
  • Separate residential facility for both male and female students
  • Transportation facility for students
  • Medical services for students
  • On campus banking facility with an ATM-booth
Key Strengths
  • Highly qualified trained teachers (Home and Abroad).
  • Well equipped classrooms with all logistic supports.
  • Excellent research and development facilities based on economic problems.
  • Excellent graduate prospects.
  • Opportunities to study abroad with Scholarship.

  Admission Eligibility

 For HSC equivalent passed students 
  • Minimum GPA of 2.5 in S.S.C and H.S.C (or equivalent) exams separately. In case of GPA of 2.00 in any of the S.S.C or H.S.C (or equivalent) examinations – the total GPA should be 6.00.
  • Students of all groups (Science, Humanities and Business Studies or equivalent) at HSC or equivalent levels are eligible for admission in Economics Department.

 Program Duration and Lecture Day/Class Timing

 BSS Honors in Economics

Program BSS in Economics
Duration 4 Years
Semester 8
Class Timing 90 Minutes
Total Credit 124

 Semester Duration

 The program having 8 semesters normally extends over four academic years and the duration of each semester is six months.

 Application Procedure

 Copies of Certificates and Mark sheets of all previous examinations, Testimonial from the Head of the institution last attended, Photocopy of National ID card or Birth Certificate, Four Copies Passport size and One copy stamp size Photographs.

 Course Structure

The courses of the undergraduate curricula are as follows:

 1st Semester

Code Course Title Credit
ECO 111 Principles of Microeconomics 3
ECO 112 Mathematics for Economists I 3
ECO 113 Bangla Language and Literature 3
ECO 114 Remedial Grammar/ English Foundation Course 3
ECO 115 Computer Fundamentals 3
Total: 15

2nd Semester

Code Course Title Credit
ECO 121 Principles of Macroeconomics 3
ECO 122 Mathematics for Economists II 3
ECO 123 Statistics for Economists I 3
ECO 124 Four Basic Language Skills / English Foundation Course II 3
ECO 125 History of Emergence of Bangladesh 3
Viva 126 Viva Voce I 1
Total: 16


3rd Semester

Code Course Title Credit
ECO 211 Intermediate Microeconomics I 3
ECO 212 Intermediate Macroeconomics I 3
ECO 213 Public Finance 3
ECO 214 Money and Banking 3
ECO 215 Statistics for Economists II 3
Total: 15

 4th Semester

Code Course Title Credit
ECO 221 Intermediate Microeconomics II 3
ECO 222 Intermediate Macroeconomics II 3
ECO 223 Agricultural Economics 3
ECO 224 Business and Finance 3
ECO 225 Studies of Bangladesh Economy 3
Viva 226 Viva Voce II 1
Total: 16

 5th Semester

Code Course Title Credit
ECO 311 International Economics 3
ECO 312 Economics of Development 3
ECO 313 Rural Economics 3
ECO 314 Population Economics 3
Any  one of the following courses
ECO 315 Urban Economics 3
ECO 316 Economics of Poverty , Inequality and Gender 3
Total: 15

 6th Semester

Code Course Title Credit
ECO 321 Industrial Economics 3
ECO 322 Introduction to Accounting 3
ECO 323 Political Economics 3
ECO 324 Economic History and Macroeconomic Performance of Bangladesh 3
ECO 325 Business Communication 3
Viva 326 Viva Voce III 1
Any  one of the following courses
ECO 327 Educational and Knowledge Economics 3
ECO 328 Pattern of Economic Development 3
Total: 16

 7th Semester

Code Course Title Credit
ECO 411 Introduction to Econometrics 3
ECO 412 Advanced Microeconomics 3
ECO 413 Development of Economic Thought 3
ECO 414 Environmental and Natural Resource Economics 3
Any  one of the following courses
ECO 415 Research Methodology 3
ECO 416 Applied Economics 3
Total: 15

 8th Semester

Code Course Title Credit
ECO 421 Advanced Macroeconomics 3
ECO 422 Applied Econometrics 3
ECO 423 Labor Economics 3
ECO 424 Health Economics 3
Viva 426 Viva Voce IV 1
Any One of  the following
ECO 425 Research Work/ Thesis 6
ECO 427 Comprehensive 6
Total: 19

 Medium of Instruction

 The medium of instruction in the class room is English.

Tuition Fees

Program Credit Duration




Other Fees Total Tuition
BSS (Honors)

in Economics

124 8 73,800 44,400 118,200

Job Opportunities 

Job Options

  • BCS Cadre Services
  • Business and Banking
  • Education
  • Research and Consultancy
  • NGO and Development

Job Sectors in Bangladesh

  • BCS Cadre Services like Education, Administration, Taxation, Foreign Affairs etc.
  • Business and Banking Sectors.
  • Telecommunication Sector: Grameenphone, Banglalink, Robi, etc.
  • National Development Agencies: BIDS, CPD, PKSF, etc
  • International Development Agencies: World Bank, UNDP, WTO, FAO, UNICEF, UNESCO, etc.


Department of Economics
Hamdard University Bangladesh
Hamdard Nagor, Gazaria, Munshiganj-1510
Cell: 01712-017181