Faculty Members

Faculty Members of Department of Business Administration

Hamdard University Bangladesh


 Professor Dr. Md. Nasim Anjum
Dean, Faculty of Business Administration
Former Dean, Faculty of Business Studies &
Founder Director, IBA, University of Rajshahi more

 Md. Faruk Hossain
MBA & BBA in Finance & Banking (RU)
Head, Department of Business Administration
Associate Professor of Finance more

 Farooq Hossan
MBA & BBA in Marketing (DU)
Associate Professor of Marketing more
 Sonjoy Maitra
MBA & BBA in Accounting (RU)
Assistant Professor of Accounting more
 Mohammad Zamal Uddin (Russell)
Bachelor of E-Commerce &
Accounting (Australia), MBA (Australia)
Assistant Professor, Management (Honorary) more
 A.K.M.Shakil Mahmud
MBA & BBA in Marketing (CU)
Assistant Professor of Marketing more
 Mahmuda Akter
MBA & BBA In Finance &
Banking (RU)
Assistant Professor of Finance more
 Masud Alom
MBA in Int. Business &
BBA in Management (ARU, UK)
Lecturer in Management more
 Marzan Rahman
MBA & BBA in Marketing (DU)
Lecturer in Marketing more
Ayesha Begum
MBA & BBA in Finance (DU)
Lecturer in Finance
Mesheta Sheikh
MBA & BBA in Marketing (RU)
Lecturer in Marketing more
 Imran Khan
MBA & BBA, Major in Accounting & Information Systems (JU)
Lecturer  more