Department of Islamic Studies

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Dr. Muhammad Shahidul Islam


Department of Islamic Studies

The Department of Islamic Studies is to promote and inculcate ethical values and social norms. The department offers appropriate curriculum (OBE) to meet the economic, social, political and intellectual needs of the society through the development of human character and personality by Islamic knowledge. The objective of the Department of Islamic Studies is to present Islam as a complete code of life based on revealed knowledge of al-Quran and as-Sunnah. So the curriculum is designed to enable students to have a comprehensive view on development of human life according to the teaching and practical guidance of al-Quran and as-Sunnah. The Mission of the program is to pursue excellence in teaching, research and consultancy in the academic study of Islam and Muslims as an implementation of the vision for education and multiculturalism. The Islamic Studies Department is working to achieve the following goals to : 1. Promote intelligent debate and understanding of Islam and the role of Muslims in the contemporary world. 2. Provide the students with an opportunity to broaden, deepen and enrich their understanding of Islam, based on authentic sources and comparative methods of study. 3. Develop the students understanding of the position of the Quran in Islam. 4. Develop the student’s awareness of the history of Islam and promote the appreciation of Islamic ethics and code of personal practice. 5. Provide students with an opportunity to develop the capacity for independent learning; enable students to develop their academic potential and prepare the students to contribute to both Muslim and multi-cultural environments. 6. Develop critical and analytical thinking in students and equip the students with the skills they need to pursue lifelong learning.