Hamdard University Bangladesh provides a significant number of scholarships and financial assistance to its students. It offers tuition fee waivers to deserving students such as siblings and spouses, freedom fighter’s children/ wards, ethnic minorities, poor but meritorious students and wards of nationally recognized personalities. Detailed information may be obtained on tuition fees from the Admission Office of the University.


 Tuition Fee Stricture

Waiver rate at the time of Admission


(SSC+HSC without four subject)

Waiver Waiver Level
10.00 100% A
9.00-9.99 40% B
8.00-8.99 20% C
7.00-7.99 10% D


Waiver Penalty

Waiver Level Semester GPA Waiver Penalty
A 4.00 (less) 20%
B 3.99 -3.75 (less) 10%
C 3.74 -3.50 (less) 10%
D 3.50 -3.00 (less) 10%

Note: if a student’s semester GPA falls below the standard level, he/ she will be penalized by reducing the waiver rate.