Hostel facilities

Hostel facilities for girls and boys are available near the temporary campus in rented houses within walking distance. Part of the establishment is borne by the University, while students pay for the monthly rent, utilities and food. Since HUB will be a residential institution, the authority is very careful in renting and maintaining the hostel facilities to provide optimum ease and comfort to the students.


On the 5th floor of the HUB main building there is a spacious and well-ventilated cafeteria of the university. It can accommodate up to 100 students at any given time. It serves a variety of snacks, meals and Drinks. In the same floor (adjacent to the student’s cafeteria), there is another cafeteria (Teachers Zone) for 30 faculty members and it is. Cafeteria and tea shops at campus not only provide quality food but also the rendezvous for informal gatherings. The Students Teachers Centre (STC) is the Central Cafeteria of the temporary Campus offers an ideal place for interaction among students and teachers that enables developing good relation between them.


There is a 200-seat capacity auditorium on the 3rd floor of the temporary campus. The Master Plan of Hamdard University Bangladesh complex also includes the grand project of the Hamdard International Conference Centre which will comprise seminar rooms and halls of varying sizes, including a 2000 seat capacity auditorium.

Open Terrace and Lounging area

The lounging area is on the 3rd floor of the University Building that is an open-air terrace of 1500 sqf with a capacity of accommodating 100 students. This area includes a snack bar that serves tea, coffee and soft drinks where students can lounge around and enjoy the fresh air.

Prayer Room

HUB encourages students to keep up religious activities, discussions, lectures by outside speakers and regular daily prayers. The university has separate facilities for prayers for men and women in the campus. In order to facilitate prayer, water supply, electric fans, prayer mat and other facilities are provided in the prayer room.

Sports and extra-curricular facilities

Playgrounds for football, volleyball and badminton (both for girls and boys) are available in the permanent campus. The Sports Centre of the campus has a plan to build a cricket ground and a spacious gymnasium having modern indoor facilities for basketball, badminton, billiard, gymnastics, boxing, table tennis, etc. Completion of this project will provide greater facilities for sports and recreational activities.

Students Common Room

Student’s Common room in the temporary campus has got provisions for playing table tennis, chess, scrabble, and carom.


There is a Gymnasium in the ground floor of campus. It has got the facilities for regular indoor exercise with common equipment’s. There is a provision of constructing a new gymnasium complex in the master plan of the main campus.

Medical facilities

There is a provision of medical checkup for the students of HUB. At the temporary campus, free-of-charge medical services are available both to the students and faculty members in the HUB Medical Inspection room. One medical officer will regularly checkup student’s health and record advice in the medical record card. One medical officer already working in Hamdard Modern Factory (on the other side of the main road) will take care of the students during the office hour. On emergency cases, one on call medical officer will remain standby over phone at night for the students staying in the hostel. One Hamdard medical center near the temporary campus is already extending medical support from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Botanical Garden

A very well planned Botanical garden is coming up in the permanent campus. The plantation of a 300 feet wide garden along the bank of river Fuldi is in progress. The garden covers a length of 1600 feet and the total area of the garden is approximately 4,80,000 square feet. A total of more than 300 types of plants will be available in the garden. There is one more Botanical garden in Hamdard Modern Factory which is within walking distance from the campus and on the other side of the road.


The University has vehicles to facilitate the daily travel of faculty members from Dhaka and Comilla city to HUB Campus. Contract vehicles also ply for students according to requirement.

Student Activities

HUB provides facilities for the students through participation in co-curricular activities along with regular studies. University´s Student Affairs Office (USAO) provides full support and assistance in this respect.