Department of English

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Md. Main Uddin Bhuiyan


Department of English

According to Socrates, the key to happiness is to practice virtues in life. What is Virtue, then? Socrates answered that knowledge is virtue; to know is to do good. Therefore, the Department of English of Hamdard University Bangladesh encourages its students and teachers for acquiring knowledge, beginning with the idea of "Know Thyself", upholding the motto of the University- "In Pursuit of Knowledge".

Moreover, the Department focuses on the development of skills and humanitarian/ compassionate attitude of the students so that they can prepare themselves to meet the challenges of the 21st century and be an asset to both the society and the country.

To achieve these objectives- Knowledge, Skills, & Attitude, the Department harbours a group of talented and hard working minds who are ready to provide guidance to our students. There are both experienced and young teachers who are eager to share their wisdom and vigour for a lifelong education.

So, we invite you to come and explore Hamdard University Bangladesh, particularly the Department of English.