Dr. Farooq Hossan of Hamdard University Bangladesh has Completed Teaching Excellence Programme (TEP) Workshop.

Published on: March 18, 2023 at 2:23pm


The University Grant Commission of Bangladesh (UGC) has collaborated with the British Council to provide sessions on the Teaching Excellence Programme (TEP). The TEP workshop session was held in Hotel Sarina, Banani Dhaka, from 14-17 March 2023. The workshop was designed to facilitate the development of teaching skills and enhance the quality of education in Bangladesh.

Dr. Farooq Hossan, Associate Professor of Business Administration at Hamdard University Bangladesh, has successfully completed workshop on Teaching Excellence Programme (TEP) in 2023. The programme provided an opportunity for educators to enhance their teaching skills and explore new teaching techniques. The workshop covered various aspects of teaching, including effective communication, pedagogical techniques, and the use of technology in the classroom.

Overall, the collaboration between UGC and the British Council on the Teaching Excellence Programme is a commendable initiative towards improving the quality of education in Bangladesh. The successful completion of the TEP workshop by Dr. Farooq Hossan is a testament to the programme's effectiveness and the commitment of educators towards enhancing their teaching skills. The University encourages its faculty members to participate in such programmes to enhance their teaching skills and contribute to the development of education in the country.